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Created by James on October 16, 2013 09:14:24    Last update: October 16, 2013 09:14:24
The initial attempt was to compile the bunch of LESS files with: lessc less/* But then I got errors like: NameError: variable @line-height-computed is undef... The order of LESS files listed is important. Variables are defined in variables.less , so it should be listed first. For Bootstrap, the ordering is defined in bootstrap.less . So all you have to do is ( this is the right way ): lessc bootstrap.less bootstrap-compiled.css Just for the reference, this is the content of bpptstrap.css : /*! * Bootstrap v3.0.0 * * Copyright 2...
Created by Dr. Xi on May 02, 2011 15:59:37    Last update: February 25, 2012 09:16:37
This code snippet gets the default keystore used by the Java keytool and displays the list of aliases along with the key type (certificate or private key). import; import The default keystore used by the above code is: $HOME/.keystore .
Created by Dr. Xi on April 20, 2011 21:44:15    Last update: May 02, 2011 20:56:58
The String.format() method provides versatile formatting capabilities. This tutorial tries to present these capabilities in a accessible manner. The format string A format string can contain zero, one, or more format specifiers . The general form of a format specifier is: %[argument_index$] [flags] [width] [.precision]co... where things in square brackets are optional, and conversion is a character indicating the conversion to be applied to the corresponding variable value. The only required characters in the format specifier is the percent sign % and the conversion character. A simple example: public static void simpleFormat() { System.out... The Argument index The argument index is specified by a number, terminated by the dollar sign $ . The same argument may be repeated multiple times in a format string. Unindexed...
Created by James on June 30, 2010 20:14:28    Last update: July 03, 2010 18:41:12
The HTML page <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>jQu... Client Side Code // called before upload submit function sta... Server Side Code Using Apache Commons FileUpload as example. Upload code (responds to ): final HttpSession session = httpServletRequest... Progress code (responds to ): HttpSession session = httpServletRequest.getSe...
Created by Fang on April 01, 2010 22:24:58    Last update: April 02, 2010 02:49:38
In this note I'll show you how to create and package a JSP custom tag. The purpose of this tag is to display a random splash image for a home page, among a set of images. We should be able to add or delete candidate splash images from the WAR archive without the need to change the JSP. This is the intended use of the tag: <%@ taglib uri="" prefix... In the above example you provide a set of images named splash*.png (e.g., splash1.png, spalsh2.png, ...), and the tag will pick a random one to display when the JSP is rendered. Let's get started. I'll use Maven for this purpose. Create the standard Maven directory structure ./pom.xml ./src ./src/main ./src/main/jav... pom.xml <project xmlns=""... package tagdemo; import java.util.ArrayList......
Created by Dr. Xi on April 22, 2007 21:58:45    Last update: January 19, 2009 20:26:12
Your code will be syntax highlighted when you specify the language of your code with the BBcode code tag: [code=lang] Your code here [/code] where "lang" is the language of your code. For example, the following Perl code #!/usr/bin/perl print "Hello World!\n"; is rendered with: [code=perl] #!/usr/bin/perl print "Hel... The following are supported languages and their corresponding names for BBcode: Apache conf: apacheconf, aconf, apache Bash... The full list is available from , which is our backend engine for syntax highlight rendering.