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Created by James on January 10, 2011 15:20:10    Last update: February 03, 2012 10:10:14
Dojo ShrinkSafe: : command line utility written in Java, based on Rhino - JavaScript engine written in Java. Douglas Crockford's JSMIN: : command line utility written in C, can download MS-DOS exe. Dean Edwards' Packer: : online tool, or .NET, Perl, PHP application. YUI Compressor: : command line utility written in Java. Google Closure Compiler : command line Java application, web application, or RESTful API. One problem is, the compressor utility may not be 100% reliable. So make sure to test the compressed script.
Created by woolf on February 10, 2011 12:51:14    Last update: February 10, 2011 13:06:11
Windows command line shell does not come with a sleep command. One trick is to emulate sleep using the ping command: C:\>ping /? Usage: ping [-t] [-a] [-n count... To sleep for about 5 seconds: @rem make sure to ping a non-existing IP, otherwis... If you have the Windows Resource Kit installed, it does provide a sleep command: C:\>sleep Usage: sleep time-to-sleep-in-s...
Created by Dr. Xi on June 11, 2010 19:04:18    Last update: June 11, 2010 19:06:35
The caret ^ is DOS command line escape character. Example 1: echo < and > as is, not interpreting them as input/output redirect. @rem sign an XML file. Requires Java class utils.x... Example 2: treat & literally, not as the special character to combine two commands. @rem search "dos command line" in Google. curl ... Add switch -A "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/" to make curl look like Firefox.