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Created by Dr. Xi on January 27, 2011 16:27:25    Last update: January 27, 2011 16:27:25
The easiest way to undeploy a web application in Tomcat is probably to simply delete the WAR file while Tomcat is running . Tomcat will do the cleanup after the WAR is deleted. If you deleted the WAR (or the application directory) when Tomcat is not running, Tomcat will try to deploy the deleted application at startup and will fail.
Created by nogeek on July 30, 2010 23:00:06    Last update: July 30, 2010 23:01:24
It happened on Windows XP with JBoss 5.1.0.GA. This is the stack trace: 2010-07-30 16:39:52,177 ERROR [ According to " (SOLVED) JBAS-7674 solution for JBoss 5.1?? (Windows lock on jnp-service.url) ", the problem seemed to be solved for JBoss 6. In the meanwhile for JBoss 5, disabling Windows Indexing Service seemed to solve the problem. Quote from aforementioned link: It seemed that a file was being locked for some reason, and that file was obviously necessary for JBoss to start. Some further investigation (ok, I admit, I just tried to delete all of JBoss with the faith that it would fail on the locked file), it turns out that file was some file called jnp-service.url in the data directory of the default server. After downloading...