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Created by mee2 on November 20, 2011 21:23:02    Last update: November 20, 2011 21:23:02
By default, alfresco.log is located in the current working directory (where you started Tomcat from). But you can override the default location with a custom file: Create file $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/ with contents: log4j.rootLogger=error, File log4j.appender... The Alfresco log will be relocated to /home/alfresco/logs (but somehow s small portion remains in the CWD). This works only when the shared.loader property in conf/ includes ${catalina.home}/shared/classes .
Created by Dr. Xi on September 17, 2010 21:29:47    Last update: September 17, 2010 21:31:43
With JBoss (Tomcat?), the servlet container always appends the default charset ISO-8859-1 to the Content-Type header of a JSP response. For example, if you are using JSP to render PDF and put the following declaration at the top of the JSP: <%@ page contentType="application/pdf"%> These would be the headers in the HTTP response (notice that charset=ISO-8859-1 was appended to Content-Type ): HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 X-... And the output would be truncated a few bytes before non-ASCII characters were encountered, without any error messages ! Maybe you don't intend to output binary files with JSP, but still your response would be truncated without warning if the page happens to contain any non-ASCII characters (when the charset is the default charset=ISO-8859-1 ). However, if you...
Created by Dr. Xi on August 15, 2007 18:08:34    Last update: November 08, 2007 22:00:01
I had this problem when deploying a J2EE application into Oracle app server. It worked fine with an OC4J container configured in the default group. But it failed to start with an OC4J container I created. Here's a sample stack trace of the initialization exception: 07/08/14 13:32:46.34 Started 07/08/1... The problem was, the struts ActionServlet loads commons logging LogFactory, the log factory somehow knows that it needs log4j, but it can't load log4j since it's loaded by a different class loader. The solution for Oracle is to omit commons logging from the list of inherited libraries. Add this to META-INF/orion-application.xml solves the problem: <imported-shared-libraries> <remove-inhe... Actually, this is a quite common problem with commons-logging. If you search the web, you'll find that people have...