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Created by Fang on February 21, 2012 20:33:58    Last update: February 21, 2012 20:33:58
You can customize Tomcat error page with error code: <error-page> <error-code>404</error-code> ... or Java exception type: <error-page> <exception-type>java.lang.Throwab... Either error-code or exception-type is required, but not both. There's no way to aggregate error codes, such as: <!-- This does not work! --> <error-page> ... Customizing error pages is about the only way to suppress the default stack trace in Tomcat in case of an unhandled exception.
Created by mee2 on November 20, 2011 21:23:02    Last update: November 20, 2011 21:23:02
By default, alfresco.log is located in the current working directory (where you started Tomcat from). But you can override the default location with a custom file: Create file $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/ with contents: log4j.rootLogger=error, File log4j.appender... The Alfresco log will be relocated to /home/alfresco/logs (but somehow s small portion remains in the CWD). This works only when the shared.loader property in conf/ includes ${catalina.home}/shared/classes .
Created by Dr. Xi on December 04, 2009 04:33:05    Last update: December 04, 2009 04:33:05
Variable Meaning $_ The default or implicit variable. @_ Within a subroutine the array @_ contains the parameters passed to that subroutine. $a, $b Special package variables when using sort() $<digit> Contains the subpattern from the corresponding set of capturing parentheses from the last pattern match, not counting patterns matched in nested blocks that have been exited already. $. Current line number for the last filehandle accessed. $/ The input record separator, newline by default. $| If set to nonzero, forces a flush right away and after every write or print on the currently selected output channel. Default is 0 (regardless of whether the channel is really buffered by the system or not; $| tells you only whether you've asked Perl explicitly to flush after...