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Created by Fang on February 08, 2012 21:21:01    Last update: February 08, 2012 21:21:17
Just a reminder that I got this error when I set the Java system property to a non-existing file (typo). The full error message when running Maven was: [ERROR] java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected e...
Created by Fang on February 08, 2012 21:15:00    Last update: February 08, 2012 21:15:00
This was the error message: [ERROR] The certificate was actually signed by Verisign, but somehow failed to pass Java cert validation. To resolve the problem: Download the cert from the server (with RetrieveSSLCert , for example) Import the certificate into the keystore: $ keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias myserver -f... Define MAVEN_OPTS : $ export MAVEN_OPTS=' The quotes must exist for the value of MAVEN_OPTS , and the path must be absolute ( ~/etc/mavenKeyStore.jks does not work).
Created by alfa on April 06, 2011 13:13:34    Last update: April 06, 2011 13:13:34
This error happens when the class exists but it does not match the package name. In the screen capture below, the class Nothing exists but it doesn't reside in the package. $ java Exception in thread ... A much shorter error message displays if the class does not exist at all: $ java Exception in thread...