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Created by Dr. Xi on September 06, 2007 03:11:40    Last update: January 31, 2013 12:13:45
The built-in function SYSDATE returns a DATE value containing the current date and time on your system. For example, UPDATE ACCOUNT SET LAST_MODIFIED = SYSDATE; updates the LAST_MODIFIED column to the current system time. select to_char(sysdate, 'MM-DD-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') N... prints the current date & time.
Created by Dr. Xi on February 06, 2012 12:14:11    Last update: February 07, 2012 15:39:35
Oracle sqlplus command line tools does not support command line editing out-of-the-box. But on Linux there's a handy utility that enables command line editing with any command line tool: rlwrap - readline wrapper. Install rlwrap: $ sudo apt-get install rlwrap Create a keywords file .sql.dict (optional, but convenient): false null true access add as asc begin by chec... It would be nice to add the tables names also. Create an alias for sqlplus (put it in .bashrc ): alias sqlplus='rlwrap -f $HOME/.sql.dict sqlplus'
Created by Dr. Xi on March 08, 2011 15:53:33    Last update: March 08, 2011 15:53:33
Use the date_format function to format a date: mysql> select now() now; +---------------------...
Created by Dr. Xi on October 09, 2009 19:27:22    Last update: October 09, 2009 19:30:01
PL/SQL code from Pandazen : CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION GET_INSERT_SCRIPT(V_TAB... Usage: To create the script for generating the INSERT statements: set head off set pages 0 set trims on set... Run the resulting script to generate the INSERT script: set pages 0 set trims on set lines 2000 ... PL/SQL code from Oracle Ask Tom set serveroutput on size 100000 set feedbac...
Created by Dr. Xi on March 23, 2009 20:06:08    Last update: March 23, 2009 20:06:08
Oracle provides the function add_months to add or subtract months from a date: -- add one month select add_months(sysdate, 1) ... Oracle does not provide functions like add_days or add_years , but these can be done just as easily: -- add 12 days select sysdate + 12 from dual; ...