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Created by Dr. Xi on February 06, 2012 12:14:11    Last update: February 07, 2012 15:39:35
Oracle sqlplus command line tools does not support command line editing out-of-the-box. But on Linux there's a handy utility that enables command line editing with any command line tool: rlwrap - readline wrapper. Install rlwrap: $ sudo apt-get install rlwrap Create a keywords file .sql.dict (optional, but convenient): false null true access add as asc begin by chec... It would be nice to add the tables names also. Create an alias for sqlplus (put it in .bashrc ): alias sqlplus='rlwrap -f $HOME/.sql.dict sqlplus'
Created by jinx on May 03, 2011 12:11:35    Last update: May 03, 2011 12:12:27
The PHP function is_resource returns TRUE if a variable is a resource. This may come in handy when a function you are calling returns mixed type. For example mysql_query returns TRUE or FALSE for INSERT , UPDATE , DELETE etc., but returns resource or FALSE for SELECT , SHOW , or DESCRIBE . <?php $rows = array(); if ($res = mysql_quer...
Created by voodoo on November 25, 2010 00:15:37    Last update: November 25, 2010 00:15:37
PostgreSQL JDBC doc says: Specifically deleting a row that contains a Large Object reference does not delete the Large Object. Deleting the Large Object is a separate operation that needs to be performed. . In JDBC this can be done in two steps: Delete the large object (call PostgreSQL function lo_unlink ) long oid = jdbcTemplate.queryForObject("select... Delete the row in the referring table: jdbcTemplate.update("delete from InventoryItem whe...