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Created by magnum on September 21, 2011 16:01:16    Last update: September 21, 2011 16:02:33
More like assign a second ip address to the same nic, instead of a virtual nic. Multiple IP addresses can be assigned to the same NIC, but all IP addresses must be on the same subnet - otherwise some IP addresses will not be accessible. From command line, assign IP address to alias eth0:0 : sudo ifconfig eth0:0 netmask 255.255.2... But IP addresses added this way are not persistent. They are lost whent he OS is restarted. To make the additions persistent: For Fedora: $ su - # cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ ... The contents of ifcfg-eth0:0 should look like this: DEVICE=eth0:0 IPADDR= NETMASK=255... Restart network: # service network restart For Ubuntu: $ sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces Append this to the file: auto eth0:0 iface eth0:0 inet static name Et......