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Created by Dr. Xi on September 02, 2008 18:55:18    Last update: January 18, 2010 22:36:24
Remember the times when you googled for solutions to your technical problems? How much time did you spend on wading through the zillions of links to find the ones that are of interest to you? Wouldn't you hope that you can find the answer right away the second time around? How many times were you forced to peruse hundreds of pages of documentation for a very specific need? Did you ever need to experiment with various alternatives because the documentation was vague? Wouldn't you prefer that a shortcut is available when the same thing is needed again? Xinotes is here to record your technical findings so that you won't have to go through the same process again when the problem reappears. Experience has taught us...
Created by James on July 19, 2009 23:29:42    Last update: July 19, 2009 23:33:24
Existing techniques use background images to make round corners. I present a technique here that uses four foreground images: . I think this technique is easier to understand and use. The only requirements are: Add position: relative to the CSS for the box to be rounded Matching border and color between the box to be rounded and the corner images Here's the HTML with static elements: <!doctype html public '-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN' ... The markup is even easier if we use jQuery to add the corners dynamically: <!doctype html public '-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN' ... This is the result:
Created by Dr. Xi on April 22, 2007 21:58:45    Last update: January 19, 2009 20:26:12
Your code will be syntax highlighted when you specify the language of your code with the BBcode code tag: [code=lang] Your code here [/code] where "lang" is the language of your code. For example, the following Perl code #!/usr/bin/perl print "Hello World!\n"; is rendered with: [code=perl] #!/usr/bin/perl print "Hel... The following are supported languages and their corresponding names for BBcode: Apache conf: apacheconf, aconf, apache Bash... The full list is available from , which is our backend engine for syntax highlight rendering.
Created by Dr. Xi on October 04, 2008 03:29:55    Last update: October 04, 2008 04:26:40
<html> <body> <script language="JavaScript" ...
Created by Dr. Xi on October 04, 2008 04:13:57    Last update: October 04, 2008 04:15:22
substr returns a substring beginning at a specified location and having a specified length . substring returns a substring by specifying the start and end index. s = 'She-sells-sea-shells-by-the-sea-shore'; s.... But really, providing two options does not make things better. Either one gets the jobs done. Two options just create more confusion.
Created by Dr. Xi on September 07, 2008 22:10:21    Last update: September 07, 2008 22:15:51
When you use to open a page in a new browser window, the new window is not modal, i.e., focus on the new window can be lost when the parent window is clicked. IE provides window.showModalDialog but it doesn't have the full power of a real browser window, and it's IE specific. This is a JavaScript that makes the popup window modal. The central trick is to check focus periodically with window.setInterval and request focus when it's lost. In IE, when an input on the page gets focus, the window thinks that it lost focus and requests focus back, thus taking focus away from any input fields - making it impossible to enter data into input fields in the modal dialog. This problem is...
Created by Dr. Xi on September 01, 2008 01:01:59    Last update: September 02, 2008 15:55:05
In JavaScript, null is not the same as "undefined". The value null is an object, while "undefined" is, well, undefined. However, for undefined variable a , if (a){...} throws exception, but if (window.a) {...} returns false , even though they are the same thing! // 1. for undefined variable a, typeof functio...
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