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Created by Dr. Xi on February 04, 2009 16:16:03    Last update: February 06, 2010 21:53:40
Action Shortcut Bring up context menu Shift+F10 Move active window Alt+Space, M Minimize active window Alt+Space, N Move cursor to web browser address bar and select the text Alt+D Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop Windows Logo+D Restore minimized windows Repeat Windows Logo+D Open windows explorer Windows Logo+E Navigate through tabs in browser Ctrl+TAB Close tab in browser Ctrl+W Page Back Alt + LeftArrow Page Forward Alt + RightArrow Reload Page F5 Reload Page Override Cache Ctrl+F5 Find computer CTRL+Windows Logo+F Open Run dialog box Windows Logo+R Display Start menu CTRL+ESC (same as the Windows Logo key) Move the focus on the taskbar so you can TAB to the Quick Launch tool bar, the Taskbar etc. CTRL+ESC,ESC Quick Launch shortcuts in Windows Vista...
Created by Dr. Xi on September 21, 2008 21:04:24    Last update: September 21, 2008 22:27:36
IE uses Notepad as the default editor when you select "View Source" from a web page. You can change it to your favorite editor by adding a couple of keys to the registry: Start regedit Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ Add key View Source Editor Under View Source Editor , add key Editor Name Change the default string value to the full path of your favorite editor. The following is the registry entry for vim (full tip for vim is available from the vim wiki ): Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_... It is probably easier (less error prone) to edit this in a file and import it back into the registry. The contents of gvim.vbs are: '--- gVim.vbs ------------------------------------... It is OK to use gvim.exe...
Created by Dr. Xi on April 06, 2008 15:17:03    Last update: September 06, 2008 17:18:07
If you create a model like the following: from django.db import models class Person(m... Django creates the corresponding table like this: CREATE TABLE person ( "id" number(11,0) NOT... Since Oracle doesn't have IDENTITY or AUTO_INCREMENT column, how does Django create the primary key when you insert a new person? In fact, when you run python syncdb with an empty database, Django also creates a sequence and a trigger: create sequence person_sq; create or replace TR... However, if you have an existing Person table and are creating a Django model for it, the sequence and trigger won't be created when you syncdb . You have to manually create them in order for inserts to work.