Linux: find out who has file open or is using a port 


February 11, 2010 05:07:48    Last update: February 11, 2010 05:08:20
On Linux, you can use the fuser command to find out who has a file open, or is using a port. For example, if you start Tomcat and get the error "Address already in use: 8080", you want to know which process is already binding to port 8080.

# list processes on port 8080
fuser 8080/tcp

# verbose mode
fuser -v 8080/tcp  

# kill the processes accessing port 8080
fuser -k 8080/tcp  

# show all processes at the (local) TELNET port
fuser telnet/tcp

# list processes using /mnt/usb1 with user name
fuser -m -u /mnt/usb1

# list process IDs and user names for processes using the current directory
fuser -fu .

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