CVS update status codes 


August 21, 2007 19:51:42    Last update: August 21, 2007 19:58:11
?what?It's not a file in CVS. CVS knows nothing about this file
AAddedThis is a file you just added to CVS but not yet committed. You have to commit it before others can see it.
CConflictedA Conflict occurred when you did CVS update. The conflicted lines are marked with special characters and you need to manually resolve the conflicts.
MModifiedYou have modified this file. It's different from what's in CVS and you need to commit (check in) the file to persist your changes in CVS
PPatchedThis file was patched when you did CVS update. The effect is the same as U (update), but the changes were so small that CVS decided to send a patch (P) instead of a whole file (U).
UUpdatedThis file was updated when you ran CVS update. It could be a file that already existed on the local drive, or a new file brought down from the CVS repository.
RRemovedYou asked CVS to remove this file but you haven't committed the removal.
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