Maven resource filtering and build profiles 


December 06, 2011 19:52:15    Last update: December 06, 2011 19:52:15
Resource files under the src/main/resources directory are copied verbatim to the target/classes directory during build. But resources can be filtered by turning on filtering in pom.xml:

When filtering is turned on, constructs like ${...} are replaced with actual values if they are defined. For example, create a file

The build command "mvn package" simply copies to target/classes/. But if you build with:
mvn -Dproject.stage=dev package

the contents of target/classes/ becomes:

Sometimes you want different resource definitions for different environments, e.g., dev vs. prod. You can achieve that by defining profiles in pom.xml:



In the above, dev is the default profile, prod is defined but not active unless you specifically activate it. With the above profile:
  1. the command "mvn package" changes the contents of target/classes/ to:

  2. if you activate the prod profile with "mvn -P prod package", the contents of target/classes/ becomes:

  3. system properties overrides values defined in profiles. The command "mvn -Dproject.stage=dev package" creates target/classes/ with contents:

  4. You can active both dev and prod profiles with:
    mvn -P dev,prod package

    but what will the output be?

You can check active profiles with:
mvn help:active-profiles

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