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September 02, 2008 18:55:18    Last update: January 18, 2010 22:36:24
Remember the times when you googled for solutions to your technical problems? How much time did you spend on wading through the zillions of links to find the ones that are of interest to you? Wouldn't you hope that you can find the answer right away the second time around?

How many times were you forced to peruse hundreds of pages of documentation for a very specific need? Did you ever need to experiment with various alternatives because the documentation was vague? Wouldn't you prefer that a shortcut is available when the same thing is needed again?

Xinotes is here to record your technical findings so that you won't have to go through the same process again when the problem reappears. Experience has taught us that, more likely than not, the problems we are encountering now will come back again in the future. It's pays to "jot" down a few notes now to avoid the pain later.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you to enter a note. You simply enter a title, the contents, then save. Compared to the effort you spend to find your answer, the effort to enter a note here should be negligible.

There's no categorization, for two reasons: it slows you down and it doesn't offer you much help when you do come back to it later. You might have forgotten which category you filed the thing under, or for the same thing you might have a different category in mind the next time around.

You search to retrieve your notes. Among other options, you may limit the search results to you own notes only. There are three ways to search in Xinotes:
  1. Enter words into the search box. You can separate the words by space, or comma if what you are searching for contains a space.
  2. Use URL for search: for example, http://www.xinotes.org/notes/keywords/oracle/java/ would find notes containing both java and oracle.
  3. Browse the keyword cloud.

And yes, we understand the pain of having to maintain yet another username/password pair. That's why we offer OpenID login. As long as you have an ID with any of the OpenID providers, you can set up a profile here to enter your notes right away.
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