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Created by voodoo on September 17, 2014 22:09:04    Last update: September 17, 2014 22:09:04
Lua dev library was missing on my Ubuntu box, resulting in the error: error: lauxlib.h: No such file or directory Install Lua dev library: $ sudo apt-get install liblua5.1-dev
Created by Dr. Xi on September 12, 2014 12:10:00    Last update: September 12, 2014 12:10:00
In Apache conf, load mod_rewrite : LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules... or, simply create symlink /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/rewrite.load on Ubuntu. In directory conf, set AllowOverride : <Directory /var/www/html> Options Inde... Create .htaccess file: Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine On ... where NC means case-insensitive match, L means this is the last rule, no more rules will be processed (if there are more rules following the current one). See documentation .
Created by voodoo on September 11, 2014 18:23:04    Last update: September 11, 2014 18:23:04
Got this error while trying to load a Lua module: error while loading shared libraries: Turns out that liblua5.1-0 has to be installed separately even though I had Lua5.1 on my system. $ sudo apt-get install liblua5.1-0
Created by James on September 09, 2014 16:51:22    Last update: September 09, 2014 16:51:22
This Mozilla page gives a good explanation of the CSS background shorthand: Example: background: url('../img/google-play.png') no-repea...
Created by James on September 04, 2014 21:52:29    Last update: September 04, 2014 21:52:29
To select jQuery objects with both class the-class and name the-name : $(".the-class [name=the-name] ")
Created by James on September 02, 2014 15:42:09    Last update: September 02, 2014 15:42:34
Use a filter function to get text nodes within a jQuery object: $('#users-table tr:eq(1) td:eq(1)') .conten...
Created by James on September 02, 2014 13:36:25    Last update: September 02, 2014 13:36:25
Use the :last-child selector. Example: $('#users-table tr:gt(0)').each(function() { ...
Created by voodoo on September 01, 2014 12:51:42    Last update: September 01, 2014 12:51:42
Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete to bring up the Clear Browsing Data dialogue.
Created by Jenny on August 20, 2014 13:55:27    Last update: August 20, 2014 13:55:27
XML offers a great deal more sophisticated facilities in the manner content is displayed in web browsers not to mention fantastic innovations in performance particularly with regards to dynamic content. The reason behind this comes from compression powers, XML is structured really well which makes it quite simple to compress, this level of order and structure isn't found in ordinary text and so XML delivers a swifter browsing experience. In addition to the good points already stated, its also correct to mention some of the weaknesses of XML, which while not significant, its imperative that you point out for sake of completeness. The obvious and well known of these weaknesses is the fact XML might be rather large and verbose from a programming point of...
Created by voodoo on August 13, 2014 22:17:56    Last update: August 13, 2014 22:17:56
Actually install-sh existed in the current directory but the execute bit was not on. Alternatively, this command should bring back any missing install-sh : autoreconf -f -i -Wall,no-obsolete
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